Fall Break Nantahala Appalachian Trail Backpacking Adventure - October 12-14, 2018

Wayah Bald to the Nantahala River

3 days/2 Nights on the Appalachian Trail

$129.00 per person

Includes a 3-day, 2 night wilderness backpacking adventure, training/gear selection hike before the trip, a foodkit with all meals on the trail, and shuttle service between trailheads. 


This is a 3-day, 2-night wilderness backpacking trip along 18 miles of the Appalachian Trail during the peak Fall color season! We’ll start the AT at the historic stone Wayah Bald firetower and travel North for 3 days culminating at the beautiful Nantahala River. Your registration includes a 1-hour training/gear selection session before the hike, a guided 3-day, 2-night backpacking trip, all your meals on the trail, shuttle service between trailheads, and memories that will last a lifetime!


We’ll leave Huntsville AL at 6:00 AM on Friday, stopping for breakfast on the way, arriving at the NOC around noon. Our shuttle will pick us up and take us back to the trailhead to begin our adventure!

Friday – Cold Springs Shelter (6 Miles)
We’ll begin our hike at the Wayah Bald Fire Tower. This historic stone firetower has some amazing views to kick off our adventure. Immediately leaving the summit of Wayah Bald,we’ll begin to descend down past the Wayah Bald Shelter and continue descending to Licklog Gap. (yummy, right?) After a brief 300 foot climb we’ll continue our descent into Burningtown Gap. After that, it’s uphill some 800 feet in just over a mile and a half to our camping area just beyond the Cold Springs Shelter.

Saturday – Wesser Bald Shelter (6 Miles)
We begin with an uphill hike to Copper Ridge Bald, then on to the Rocky Bald lookout. This .2 mile side trail to the summit has some spectacular views and makes a great lunch spot. Afterwards we’ll descend some 1,200 feet to Tellico Gap. Then it’s uphill all the way to the Wesser Bald Fire Tower where you’ll wanna stop and take some 360 degree pictures! We then descend to the Wesser Bald Shelter area to camp overnight.

Sunday – Nantahala Outdoor Center (6 Miles)
This will be a major downhill kind of day, with a few ups just to keep us honest. About two miles in, we’ll reach the Jumpoff which has some decent views, depending on the amount of foliage. Either way, it’s a good lunch stop, before we descend another 4 miles down to the Nantahala River. We’ll finish our hike at  the NOC, take showers, change clothes, and get a well-deserved dinner at a local restaurant.

Then we’ll load up into our travel vehicles and head for home!

We should arrive back in Huntsville, AL between 7:00 and 9:00 PM.

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